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Crystal Magic

Best Selections for Concert Band

VERLAG: De Haske Records
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Subtitle Best Selections for Concert Band
Verlag De Haske Records
Instrumentierung Blasorchester
Produktformat CD-Pack
Instrument Group Blasorchester
Erscheinungsjahr 2019
European Parts Included Yes
EAN 8714441018235
Serie Festival Series
No. DHR 02-065-3
Release Date 08.08.2019
  • 101. Wings to Fly [Thomas Doss]
  • 102. Step by Step [Philip Sparke]
  • 103. The Source [Bert Appermont]
  • 104. Majestic Waters [Thomas Doss]
  • 105. A Century of Music [Etienne Crausaz]
  • 106. Desert Dances [Philip Sparke]
  • 107. Tribute to a Maestro [Jan de Haan]
  • 108. The Miner's Saga [Otto M. Schwarz]
  • 109. Crystal Magic: 1. Carnelian: The Stone of Perseverance [Bert Appermont]
  • 110. Crystal Magic: 2. Opal: The Stone of Misfortune [Bert Appermont]
  • 111. Crystal Magic: 3. Amethyst: The Stone of Wisdom [Bert Appermont]
  • 112. Crystal Magic: 4. Amazonite: The Stone of Playfulness [Bert Appermont]
  • 201. Transformation [Alan Menken]
  • 202. Proud (Grutsk) [Jacob de Haan]
  • 203. Friendly Takeover [Oliver Waespi]