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Masterpieces from Europe

VERLAG: De Haske Records
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Verlag De Haske Records
Instrumentierung Blasorchester
Produktformat CD-Pack
Instrument Group Blasorchester
Erscheinungsjahr 2014
European Parts Included Yes
EAN 8714441014961
Serie Great Performances
No. DHR 04-045-3
  • 1. Fanfare for a New Horizon
  • 2. The Adventures of Baron Munchausen: 1. The Horse
  • 3. The Adventures of Baron Munchausen: 2. Canonball
  • 4. The Adventures of Baron Munchausen: 3. Flight to the Moon
  • 5. The Adventures of Baron Munchausen: 4. Journey trough the Earth
  • 6. Moving Heaven and Earth
  • 7. The Story of Anne Frank
  • 8. Goddess of Jeju Island
  • 9. Flame and Glory
  • 10. Bulgarian Dances (Part II): Part 1. Lale Li Si, Zyumbyul Li Si, Gyul Li Si
  • 11. Bulgarian Dances (Part II): Part 2. Oi, Shope Shope
  • 12. Bulgarian Dances (Part II): Part 3. Damba
  • 13. Crescent Moon
  • 14. Sailing with the Tall Ships
  • 15. Nuclear Power